8 Tricks for Quickly Arranging a Simple and Neat Kitchen


Which housewife doesn’t want to have a simple and neat kitchen? The importance of a simple and neat kitchen is not only determined by its size, but also from your ability to keep the kitchen simple and neat at all times.

Generally homeowners often do a total or large-scale cleaning for kitchen areas, especially on special days such as new years or other special moments. This total cleaning is generally carried out about 1 or 2 times each year where every corner and drawer of the kitchen room will be thoroughly dismantled and cleaned. Then what about your simple and neat kitchen?

The key to maintaining a simple and neat kitchen is routine cleaning or daily care. There are many things you can do every day on a small scale and at a minimum, but have a big effect on the appearance of a simple and neat kitchen.

So for those of you who crave a simple and neat kitchen, here are 8 tips that you can practice every day. Kania guarantees, you can be happier to see a simple and neat kitchen from your treatment!

  1. Empty Sink, Clean Kitchen Gadgets

Start the days in the kitchen simple and neat by paying attention to several important kitchen features, such as sinks, dishwasher, dish drying rack, to other kitchen gadgets that function similarly. Make sure that the objects are always clean and empty at the end of the day. Thus, you will definitely find a simple and clean kitchen every morning the next day.

With the sink and kitchen utensils in an empty condition, you will also be facilitated when you want to start cooking or washing dishes. There are no more piles of dirty dishes or tidying plates. As a result, the kitchen is simple and neat at all times plus extra functional.

  1. Simple and neat kitchen that is one-way clean

One of the mainstay secrets of every famous cook is an efficient and all-effective workflow, including for you the owner of a simple and neat kitchen. One of them is cleaning up between ongoing work. For example, the event of cutting onions always ends by removing the peeled onion skin or also always cleaning the oil splash with a cloth when frying the dish.

You can master this one-way clean-up trick if you are more aware of the dirt after cooking so that the kitchen space is simple and neat. Usually the areas that you can clean while working are areas that work for raw materials, sinks and stoves. Your best friend in creating a simple and clean kitchen is a kitchen textile cloth.

  1. Wash the sink after it’s finished

Want to have a simple and neat kitchen with a sleek and fragrant sink? So easy. Get used to always washing or brushing the sink after you finish using it to remove oil, dirt or after washing dishes in your simple and neat kitchen.

You must have extra attention to maintain cleanliness. The trick is to use a separate brush (not a brush) and rub the entire sink area with the existing dish soap.

After rinsing, don’t forget to wipe it clean especially at the edge of the sink table. Guaranteed, you can get a simple and neat kitchen plus a sink that is far from oil deposits, black dirt, and always fragrant at all times!

  1. Routine Care for Cookware

Don’t ignore your simple and neat kitchen dwellers. If you pay close attention, there must be cooking utensils such as cauldron or pot that need to be rubbed because they are already burning black. Or maybe the handle of the cooking pot is loose and needs to be tightened with a screwdriver?

Cooking utensils such as pots, cooking pots or cooking pots also need monthly service to make them look flashy and function perfectly. Similarly, a kitchen knife needs to be sharpened periodically and not only when needed. Ideally, the kitchen is simple and neat you can walk more smoothly with routine maintenance at least once a month.

  1. Clean Other Kitchen Decorations

A simple and neat kitchen can be more beautiful with an existing kitchen decor. Both in the form of cutting boards that are hung from the wall to glass hangers that sit beautifully on the kitchen table.

These small items must also be cleaned every day because they are attached to oil or dust in the kitchen area. If the decoration of this kitchen is of a large and purely decorative size, you can also spend at least 3 times a week on a simple and neat kitchen treatment that is beautiful.

  1. Effective Clean-up Weapons

The kitchen is simple and neat starting with the right cleaning device. Prepare yourself with the right types of brushes and brooms and mops so that a simple and neat kitchen can look clean at all times.

But you also have to be smart in choosing the right types of cleaning tools for a simple and neat kitchen. Depending on your needs, there are usually several chemical brushes and cleaners that are suitable for everyday use.

Don’t forget to store your powerful weapon in a separate storage box and place it on the bottom or sink rack, special drawer or bucket. This is of course so that your simple and neat kitchen still looks cool without any objects that interfere with this scene.

  1. Make sure the surface of the table is clean

A clean kitchen table surface is an important key for a simple and clean kitchen appearance. Besides diligently cleaning properly and carefully, make sure there are not many important decorations on the surface of your kitchen table.

A simple and neat kitchen will feel more spacious, spacious and cool with minimal conditions that are not important. Clean the surface of your kitchen right now and feel the warmth of the simple and neat kitchen you have.

  1. Large Size Waste Basket

Make sure the kitchen is simple and neat you are equipt with a large enough trash can for your daily activities. With the right waste basket, you can save plastic linings before disposing of garbage.

You also do not need to go back and forth from home to maintain a simple and neat kitchen if your waste basket is adequate for all day activities. Look for a waste basket that is equipped with a close cover so that the unpleasant smell will be far from your simple and neat kitchen.