The Appeal of Frameless Glass Doors for the Shower

Remodeling your bathroom offers up plenty of decision to be made. Decisions such as what enclosure to use on your bath or shower. Most people opt for the simple and trusty shower curtain, or the economic value of the sliding door. However, an often-overlooked feature is the frameless glass door.
The budget of a remodel seems to be a determining factor when it comes to which option an individual decides on. However, in recent years, the frameless glass door has become a popular choice. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of not only glass shower doors but more particularly, the frameless glass door.
Size Flexibility
A frameless glass door can come in pretty much any size. This flexibility makes installation easy and painless. From those who have a large spa-like space or for those who only can sacrifice a small corner for their shower, frameless glass doors can be utilized. Not only will you be happy with your decision, but whoever installs or designs your shower will also be thanking you as well.
Oh, the Light!
Frameless shower doors allow plenty of light to penetrate within the shower. Showers with shower curtains can be rather dark. This makes us fumble around in the dark for shampoos, razors, and soaps. However, with a frameless glass door both natural and artificial light can flow freely into the shower, and this allows perfect sight when participating in your daily regimen.
The Illusion of Space
An interesting design concept is the illusion of space. Using mirrors to make a room look larger is a common trick utilized by people everywhere. When installing a frameless glass door, you can also create the illusion of more space. This open type concept allows you to feel like you have unlimited room within your shower.
Installing a frameless glass door should be guided by a professional. You can find tips, however, by following this link. Educating yourself on the process can help you understand your shower set up.
Easy to Keep Clean
A stand-up shower with a frameless door is a breeze to clean. No one likes to clean the bathroom, however, with a frameless glass door, owners can typically Windex and squeegee to clean it. Because the shower is so accessible, cleaning it comes easily. An often overlooked but important aspect of the frameless glass door is it is least likely to accumulate mold buildup. The frameless door does not have any seals, this means that soap scum, water, and bacteria cannot build up to allow the growth of mold.
No matter the reason for your upgrade or remodel, you should always utilize the help of a professional. Always be sure to gain estimates, designs, and ideas from someone who is trained and certified to repair and replace a shower or shower door. Replacing a bathroom is a big job, and only a professional can assist you with the correct materials you may need.