7 Tips on Building a House Without Draining the Pouch

http://arsitektur.me/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Tips-Arsitektur-Rumah-Berapa-Tinggi-Ideal-Plafon-Rumah1.jpgThe road is not always smooth to realize what we want. But that does not mean we have to give up is not it? Building a house belonging to yourself must be the dream of anyone. Constraints on increasing the price of building materials every year can make a person become upset. But there is always another way to achieve dreams. The high price of building materials can be overcome in many ways. Some of which we will disclose below.

1. Minimalist house

The minimalist house has the following characteristics: simplicity in form and function, uncomplicated wall finish, open plan interior, and simple decoration details. Fewer details and simpler shapes not only save money, but also the time it takes to build a home.

2. Multi-functional

Multi-functional concept will usually accompany the realization of the concept of a minimalist home. By applying an open plan interior you can integrate three functions simultaneously in one room, namely living room / family room, dining room, and kitchen. Room dividing walls are not needed so as to reduce expenses. Maximizing the function of each element can also be done. For example by functioning the wall as a shelf or kitchen cabinet as an example. More benefits can be felt especially if your home land is limited.

3. Planning

Absolute planning is made before doing anything. Building a house requires a lot of money. Cost planning will help us make sure the cost has not been wasted. But before making budget planning, it is no less important is to make the design of the house according to ideas and needs. Budget planning can be made based on home design, and the design can be changed at the same time to suit the budget.

4. Small house

Efforts to realize dreams should also be tailored to the conditions. No need to force yourself to build a luxurious ideal home if the funds are not sufficient. Building a small house is a solution to the limited development costs. The addition of the room can be done later when the funds have collected again.

5. Lightweight steel roof truss

Some people overcame the expensive price of building materials in various ways. Among them using cast concrete and a little wood as a roof construction. But this way will increase the burden of building and foundation. There is a risk of wall cracks that can happen. Lightweight steel roof truss is a bit more expensive, but not too burdensome buildings and foundations. Installation of lightweight steel roof truss is also more practical so as to save time and cost of daily construction workers. In addition, lightweight steel roof truss is more durable.

6. Material survey

Except in the most urgent circumstances, do not rush to buy building materials based on price or advertising. Take the time to compare the material prices suppliers offer at your location. If necessary, involve your building contractor for material surveys.

7. Walls without finishing

Dana is thinning when the interior of the house has not been completed entirely? No problem. Leave only the interior wall (or exterior) without finishing (putty and paint). The plain and refined cement wall is a trending industrial style trait. While the brick wall without cemented and caulked at all is a feature of rustic style. Which would you choose?