How Many Spotlights Are Bright Enough for Your Rooms?

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Lighting up a room in not just a matter of plugging in a lamp, getting the right lighting for your room is important because one mistake can leave your place feeling off with dark spots all over the room. So what should you consider ensuring that you have enough lighting for your room? How do you know the number of LED spotlights your indoor needs? You may have beautiful furniture and exquisite interior decor but with poor lighting, all the beauty in the room is lost. Do you know how many spotlights you need to brighten your room?

Choosing how many LEDs downlights are needed for creating the effect you’re looking for in any room can be a daunting task. 

What is enough light?

The question seems easy enough but when faced with calculating the lighting needed to create a well-lit space; it becomes more complicated.

The one downlight per square meter formula usually provides sufficient lux levels for most installations. However, each room is unique thus requiring different levels of brightness (lux). A good example is, kitchens are better with higher lux levels, which allow you to see what you are doing better. For kitchens, it is recommended an average of 300 lux. Whereas in a lounge where you only watch TV, it requires an average of 150 lux.

The Breakdown to ensure you achieve enough lighting.

·       Start by determining room square footage

Room Square Footage is determined by multiplying the length and width of the room. An example, if the room is 5 feet wide and 5 feet long, the Room Square Footage will be 25  square feet.

·       Identify the purpose of each room

Remember, every room has a different purpose thus lighting needs may vary. The purpose of Each room helps in determining the foot-candle needed. What is a foot-candle you ask? Well, this is the brightness of the light one-foot away from the source. For example, a bathroom or kitchen will require more foot-candles than a living room or bedroom.

·       Identify the lumens needed for each room

A unit for measuring light is called a lumen. Determine the number of lumens needed by multiplying the room square foot by the foot-candle required. For example, a 50 square foot room, which needs 5-10 foot-candles, will need 250-500 lumens.

·       Identify the type of furniture in the room

Each room is occupied by different furniture. Identify the type of furniture by reading furniture store reviews and get insights on how they will affect the lighting of the room. For example, modern furnishings such as fitted walls have integrated lighting systems that add to the lighting of the room.

Remember the above factors are for normal conditions. For dark colored walls or furniture, an additional 10 per square foot will be needed. Lighting is a personal preference but for most rooms, it’s better to have higher lumens combined with dimmers in case you want to bring the light levels down.