She Sheds for the Win

There is a new hang out space for women that is taking over the man cave. Ladies are getting their own well-deserved special area. This special accommodation is called the She Shed. Women need a place to call their very own. Yes, ladies have their homes that they take pride in and call their own. However, in their home is also their kids who used sharpie to write on the wall. Then there is the dog who has scratched up the furniture or that beautiful rug. Not to mention, there are constantly toilets to be cleaned and dishes in the sink. These hard-working ladies need a place to go to get away from everything. A place that they have created themselves that has everything to their specific taste and liking. An area where they do not have to worry about what their husband will think, or if their kids will destroy that beautiful vase. The answer is the She Shed.
She Sheds are quaint little shed’s that are already behind many homes around the country. They are currently being used for storage of garden supplies, lawn mowers, rakes, and many other things. Not to mention, they are typically full of snakes, mice and spiders. Ewe! These backyard sheds can be transformed into beautiful she sheds for minimal cost.
A good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint on the inside, outside, and the floor can go a really long way. Put some flowers on the outside, maybe a few flower boxes under the windows, you could even put a tiny porch on the front of it, and you have the outside completed.
On the inside you need to paint it your very favorite color. In the She Shed you should put a couch, a coffee table, a few books, and that beautiful vase with fresh flowers in it. You also need a small fridge, a few bottles of wine, and some wine glasses. Some people even put a little loft in the top of the shed with a bed. What a glorious space this could be for those tired mamas, or those ladies who just need a break from their husband. In fact, Sandra Foster said her She Shed saved her marriage! I think they are a necessity for stressed out women who need an escape.
You may be thinking, gracious, I need one of these magical She Sheds but I don’t have an old shed sitting in the backyard of my home. I’ve got great news. As Country Living Magazine explains, you can buy your own. Just search for high barn garages for sale and many options will quickly pop up for you to choose from.
Get your She Shed all set up the way you absolutely love it! Invite the gals in, or go hide out, have a glass of wine, unwind. After that, you can peacefully go into your home that you love so much and enjoy your family!