5 Beautiful and Luxurious Minimalist Home Curtains

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Minimalist curtain models for a minimalist home.

Minimalist homes seem to be getting more and more hype nowadays, especially in big cities. The reason that often arises why this simple house model is so popular, is the high price of land so that the area to build a residence or residence tends to be limited.

Consequently, architects and designers are required to find ways to make these small dwellings attractive, safe, and of course comfortable.

Minimalist Small House

The concept of a minimalist home itself does “rely on” a place to live that is not too big, but still has good aesthetic value.

Even with a “limited” area, this does not mean that its value and function as a place to live, which is safe and comfortable, is being neglected. On the contrary, precisely because of its tiny shape, a minimalist house shows simplicity and family warmth.

In architecture, minimalism is a way or idea to achieve better design quality that is obtained from or through simplicity by really minimizing the use of various design elements and elements.

Meanwhile, in interior design, minimalism is a way to get a very sleek appearance from a space, a very minimal use of various decorative elements, and the application of various forms and models of furniture that do not overwhelm space capacity.

The result is a small, minimalist house with an aesthetic appearance. Very visually appealing.

However, the problem then is, how to decorate a minimalist house to make it look more neat and beautiful? Especially the interior?

Minimalist Home Decoration

In order for a minimalist home to look more organized and beautiful, there are several things that must be considered, especially in the interior. The balance must really be considered so that the interior of the house does not seem “full” and narrow.

Selection of furniture and decorative objects is very influential on the atmosphere of the space in the house.

Well, this time, we will discuss one aspect of design, aspects of interior decoration, selection of accessories. More precisely the selection of curtains.

First, to emphasize, minimalist home decor itself requires decorative elements that are also minimalist.

It is also important to remember, between decoration and design must also be considered. These are two things that are not the same, they are different.

According to digitalartschool, there is a difference between decoration and interior design, which is explained by the scope of work. Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional space within a building or building. While decoration is about furnishing or decorating a space with a focal point on aesthetics and things that are fashionable or beautiful.

Therefore, the selection of curtains, of course, includes decoration because this is an interior accessory to beautify the room.

The question then is, what kind of minimalist curtain model is suitable for a minimalist home interior?

Minimalist Home Curtains Models

Here are some inspiration for minimalist home curtain models to make the room look beautiful and look spacious!

Two-Tier Curtains

Usually, a small, minimalist house has a window that is also small in size. Two-tier curtain model is the most suitable curtain model for this.

Apart from their unique shape, these curtains can add variety to the decoration in the house.

With motifs and accents as shown in the picture, curtains can be a focal point and “sweetener” of the room, besides of course being functional.

This is a minimalist home curtain model that is commonly used for kitchen windows and / or bedrooms.

Two Color Minimalist Curtains

If you want to add a cheerful atmosphere in the house, minimalist two-color curtains can be an option.

Minimalist homes that are commonly painted using neutral colors such as, can have color accents with the use of curtains in this model. A minimalist room can look more cheerful and fun.

As a tip, make sure that the color of the curtains has a color tone that matches the concept of decorating the room. If you use curtains with striking colors, make sure you also use decorative accents of the same color so that the room looks like it has balance, harmony, or harmony.

For this curtain model, you should also choose one that is longer than the window. In this way, the ceiling or ceiling will also look higher.

Curtains Model Stripes

Sometimes, some people feel that having curtains will make a room appear cramped and full. However, this is a misperception.

There are curtain models that can actually give birth to the illusion of a wider room. One of them is a horizontal stripe curtain model.

Apart from the unique motifs, it can really be a focal point, both in design and in decor.

Dangle Curtains

Long curtains with a dangling model are synonymous for large and luxurious homes. However, this kind of curtain model is also suitable for minimalist homes that have small windows.

As previously discussed, curtains with a length that exceeds the length of the window can create the impression of a taller room.

What must be considered is only the color selection. Try bright colors with simple motifs.

Minimalist Home Curtains Roll-up Model

The layout of the furniture and the choice of decoration styles in a small, minimalist home are very influential on the space in it. Sometimes, curtains that are opened to the side are annoying because they can hit the objects next to them. The solution, choose roll-up curtains, curtains that can be rolled up.

With this curtain model, we don’t need to worry if it will take up too much space.

The roll up model also has a wide selection of motifs and materials. This is one of the best minimalist home curtain models.