Five Items To Furnish Your First Apartment

Take a long walk around the home section of any department store, and you might think you need to buy everything they’re offering to get your place up to par – especially if it’s your first apartment. You might think you need the newest speaker system, the hottest water filter on the market, or even a new Apple computer and desk to put in the corner you envisioned. Do you really need to dump all of your dough on stuff like that, though? Probably not. Here are five items you need to properly furnish your apartment. 


No matter the size, color, cost, or vibe of your apartment, you’re going to need a couch. A couch just solidifies your habitat. It’s like when you’ve got something comfy to sit on in the living room, you’ve basically made it in the world, right? In addition, all of your guests are going to have to have something to sit on when they come visit you. The good thing about couches is that they’re everywhere and come in all types of prices and sometimes even free. Places like IKEA, Target, and other furniture stores have couches to snag for a decent price. There are also places like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist where one could possibly find a couch for free 99 – that’s slang for free by the way. 

Dining Table 

This would solely depend on the size of your apartment but if your apartment has the space, you should definitely opt for a dining table. The sacred place for meals throughout the day, the place you sit and have a cup of coffee, and the place you get extra work done – dining tables are simply a staple for apartments. Along with couches, most department stores sell a plethora of dining tables, even some dining tables phoenix az


Entertainment is absolutely essential to an apartment, and what better form of entertainment is there than the TV. Big or small, our TVs are responsible for providing us an insurmountable experience that most of us use on a daily basis. All of our favorite shows, movie apps, and more are all loaded on our TVs. On average, Americans spend a good amount of their day watching the tube. Even if you aren’t one of those individuals, the TV just adds to the ambience of your overall apartment vibe. 


 Now we get to the bedroom. Can we even call it a bedroom even it doesn’t have a bed, though? A bed is another one of those must haves. You’ve gotta have a bed to crash on after all of those long hours at work. If you’re an adult, a regular, queen, or king size bed might suit you best. 


While not all apartments need it, lamps are absolutely necessary to light your apartment. Whenever you’re reading a book or simply looking at something, you’re going to need the light to see. Lamps come in all different forms and make an apartment look more well-rounded.