Minimalist Porch Design House that is simple and comfortable as a substitute for the living room

Minimalist home terrace design that is comfortable and beautiful will give the impression of homey. It can also function as a substitute for the living room.

Terrace is an area that is generally located in the front or back of the Design house. However, not only in the front or back, the terrace can also be on the side of the house.

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The existence of a terrace at the front of the house can add to the attractiveness of a house. And believe it or not, the location of the terrace at the front of this will be the first concern of everyone who at the same time can give an idea of ​​what the character of the owner of the house.

Terrace can also be a substitute for the living room for a small house.

The terrace can be equipped with chairs and tables, a coffee table, and decorations to make it look visually attractive and comfortable. The presence of chairs and decorations in the form of plants will also make the terrace feel beautiful and fresh. A comfortable and cool terrace at the front of the house can also be a substitute for the area to welcome guests, or the living room. He even became one of the communal areas or public areas where gather with friends, colleagues and beloved friends.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design Tips

If you have land left at the front of the house, you can use it to become a garden complete with a comfortable terrace.

Arranging the front yard of a house with a minimalist concept can be very beneficial. A simple minimalist design can also look stylish and attract attention. The combination of the front garden of the house with a minimalist terrace will give birth to an impressive and attractive home facade concept.

For decorative elements on the porch of the house; such as plant decoration, use it that is not clustered. Choose plants that soar like hanging orchids. Avoid arrangement of flower pots that are too excessive, just by grouping on the corner of the garden space, and make a line in a line. Minimalist garden and terrace are also very easy to care for.

Minimalist House Terrace Roof

Get a wide impression using a transparent terrace roof. Transparent roof can make sunlight enter the patio area freely. The variations of the blocks arranged neatly on top in a parallel order will also add a beautiful and elegant impression. The use of transparent roofs on the terrace gives the impression of calm and warmness.

Minimalist Porch Furniture

The presence of chairs and tables is needed in the patio area, for that use models and types of furniture that will not burden the space capacity. With a small and minimalist terrace size, skandi-minimalist furniture models can be very suitable for a cozy and relaxed front porch.

The terrace of the house can facilitate you to relax while reading or just sit around while enjoying a glass of tea or coffee.

Home Lighting and Lighting

The patio area should get a good lighting installation. Choose warm white lights that are slightly yellowish in order to create a comfortable and warm impression. You can also use white options to get an elegant impression.

Actually there are still many ways to design a minimalist home terrace, if you like the natural impression, the presence of a fish pond next to or in front of it can be very interesting. Natural impression can also be presented with the use of wood and stone elements, both in furniture or some decorative elements used.