Tips for Choosing a Durable and Comfortable Sofa

Tips for choosing a sofa that is durable and long-lasting requires good planning. Because the sofa will be a resident and complement your room for a long time. In choosing a sofa, of course, what must be considered is the placement space, the right size, the type of framework, the type of frame, the type of upholstery, the color and motif, and the suspension. The following is a summary that we have compiled for your consideration in choosing a durable and comfortable sofa by applying some tips on choosing a sofa.

Placement Room

Tips for choosing the first sofa before buying, you must first determine in which room the sofa will be placed. Whether for the living room, family room or workspace. Different places, of course different forms that you can choose. For example, for the living room, of course a sweet and elegant sofa is chosen as a sweetener for the room and can accommodate quite a lot of people. So that a parallel sofa, a sofa arranged in a semi-circle, or an angled sofa are more suitable for the living room.

Measure Exactly

Tips for choosing the second sofa is to measure the room appropriately. In a spacious and high-roofed furniture store, the displayed sofa will look small. But when placed in the room of your house it looks too big and makes the room narrow. Therefore, you have to be really careful about measuring the room and the width of the old sofa, so you can estimate the size of the sofa that is right for you to place in your home. You can also estimate it based on the area of ​​​​the room and the furniture around the room.
If the sofa is to be placed in the family room, of course you have to count the number of family members. So you can choose the right sofa length when the whole family gathers to spend time together.

Skeleton Type

Tips for choosing the third sofa is the type of frame or construction. This is a durable and long lasting sofa lock. The construction of the sofa frame generally uses real wood that has been dried to prevent moisture. Some are made of plywood, which is a sheet of boards arranged almost like real wood. Indeed, playwood is not as strong as teak. Therefore, the price of a sofa with a plywood frame construction is much cheaper.
There is also a sofa with iron construction. Although strong, but the iron frame construction for the sofa has a weakness. Iron cannot be shaped as easily as wood, which is easily carved. The result is a sofa with a wooden construction not many variations and models.

Upholstery Type

Tips for choosing the fourth sofa lies in the type of upholstery for the comfort of the occupants of the house. Sofa upholstery does determine the price. Generally, consumers are faced with two choices of upholstery, whether genuine leather, Oscar or cloth. The material gives a different feel of style. The upholstered sofa gives a casual impression. While the fabric with leather upholstery gives the impression of luxury and classic.

The sofa in the family room is certainly at great risk of getting dirty quickly because it is exposed to spills of drinks and food. In addition, it is also easy to fade the color because it is often used and rubs against the skin of the occupants of the house. Therefore, the choice of leather upholstery is recommended for living room sofas.