Want to Buy Air Coolers, These are 6 air coolers at affordable prices

For many people, hot weather can be very annoying. Sweat that continues pouring all over the body can make them unable to concentrate on doing their work. When in the room too. A temperature that is too hot will make it difficult to sleep due to uncomfortable conditions. As a result, not a few people decided to install air conditioners in their rooms to be free from heat.

But unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this AC technology for reasons of limited costs. Not to mention the electricity that must be paid every month could swell. Now, but just calm down, this time I have summarized a series of alternative air conditioners other than air conditioners, of course, the price is quite affordable.

1. The fan is the most popular non-AC alternative item.

The majority of people who are lacking in the budget to buy air conditioners might choose a fan instead. The fan is indeed one of the right choices as a substitute for air conditioning. Because in addition to cheap, this item is available in various types and sizes, small to large. There is also a special mounted on the wall or the table. So, you can choose as needed. But it turns out when it’s really hot, sometimes the fan is not enough. Because the wind that comes out instead gets warm.

2. If the fan is not cold enough, you can add a cooling pack, the installation is also easy

The fan is not always able to cool. Because basically, the object will emit a wind whose temperature is not much different from the temperature around it. If it’s really hot, don’t be surprised if the wind that comes out tends to be warm. To answer this problem, you can use a cooling pack. The shape is similar to a neck pillow. Well, this cooling pack can be installed on the fan. But before that must be frozen first in the freezer for approximately 4 hours. After that, it is mounted to the back of the fan, so the wind that comes out gets cooler.

3. If you have more budget, usually people will ‘run’ into the air cooler. The price is cheaper than AC, but the quality remains the same

In addition to the 2 items above, there is also an air cooler. This air cooler is a more sophisticated form of a cooling pack. This thing can provide coolness equivalent to AC. The difference is, the water cooler needs ‘fuel’ ice cubes so the air that comes out can be cold. Each air cooler has a different fuel storage capacity. If the capacity is below 10-liters, the risk is that you have to refill fuel back and forth. The price is relatively affordable with almost the same quality as AC, which is the reason why many people choose this thing as a substitute for AC. If you interest in buying Air cooler, you can visit Vankool. Vankool Provide Best Air Cooler at an affordable price.

4. The exhaust fan can not only be installed in the kitchen, but there is also that can be installed in the room of the house

The exhaust fan is similar to a fan. The price is not much different. These objects are usually installed in vents or above windows and doors of houses. The way these exhaust fan works absorbs hot air in the room so the air quality becomes fresher. So, actually although at a glance like a fan, but the exhaust fan has its way to keep the air in the room to be fresher. Because it does not emit wind directly to the body, the exhaust fan is considered healthier than the fan.

5. Besides the exhaust fan, there is also a ventilating fan.

Visually, the ventilating fan is very similar to the exhaust fan, even with the price. But apparently, this thing has a function that is better and more sophisticated than the ‘twin’. Besides being able to absorb heat in the room, a ventilating fan can also draw air from outside into the room. So that we who are at home can feel cooler air.

6. Not just a matter of technology, you can also try more natural ways such as maintaining live plants in the house.

The easiest and cheapest way of all that has been mentioned above is actually by maintaining live plants in the house. Living plants placed in pots can help increase oxygen levels in the room. If placed in strategic locations around the house and watered diligently every day, this plant can reduce the heat in your home. A few tips, choose dark green leafy plants because it can absorb sunlight more optimally. In addition to potted plants, you can also maintain vines, because these plants can absorb solar radiation and release water vapor, thus making the temperature in the house cooler.

So what? Are there choices that interest you?