Where to buy your shipping container?

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Are you a private individual looking for used shipping containers to convert back into new ones? It is true that finding a container for sale is not difficult as there are many online sites like Eveon containers that allow you to buy containers, whether they are new or used. However, it is not recommended to go through private individuals to buy a container. They generally have only one idea in mind: to get rid of a container that has certainly become too cumbersome for them or too worn out. Choosing to go through a trusted company guarantees the buying of better quality material.

Should you buy a new or used container?

The difference in price between a new or used container is very significant. Why deprive yourself of making such savings? Especially since the containers sold on the market are resistant and solid. As a reminder, these containers are designed for the maritime environment. They have been tested against rust. They are watertight and inherently sound because they can withstand the most aggressive environments. However, perhaps you do not plan to make changes on the outside of the container, in which case the container should look good from the outside, including unscratched paint, no rust spots, no dented metal, etc. Also, if you do not want to do any additional work on the exterior of the container, it is strongly advised to buy a new container and not a used one. Logically, the used shipping container should be sold in good condition, i.e. the floor of the container should be sound, the doors of the container should not be deformed and should close properly, and the container should be waterproof.

The price of a used container

The prices of used containers are subjected to variation. You should expect to pay about 2,000 euros for a standard container. However, if you decide to buy such a container you will have to add delivery costs ranging from 500 to 1,000 euros extra. Don’t buy the first option to save money, otherwise you will make the worst possible choice. Spend a few extra bucks to make sure you own a used container in good condition.