Your Own Private Paradise Bathroom

Are you in the market to remodel your bathroom this year while on a budget ? Of all rooms in your home, the most privacy seems to be given while locked behind the bathroom door, so why not make sure you are locked inside your own personal paradise. Although a paradise may not be what you think of when you think of using the John, you can create a relaxing world in your bathroom by adding a few things. 

The first thing most people start with when remodeling anything are the simple things such as color and decor. We want a certain feel to our rooms when we enter them so choosing the right color scheme will determine the decor that comes along afterwards. If your looking for a calming feel to your bathroom, then soft colors such as light blues, yellows and greens are perfect to stir away from the neutral colors (unless you like neutral). The style of decor that you choose will tie everything together. A popular style seems to be the beach look, or in this case the “paradise” style. 

Another popular idea is to add a little greenery into the mix. You are probably thinking that real plants will not survive in a bathroom, especially if it happens to be in a small, dark area of your home. Some bathrooms are so far deep into a home that there is not even a window to open. So, which types of plants thrive in all types of bathrooms? 

Aloe vera, bamboo, and ferns are the top three most useful bathroom plants. These plants love the steam. Aloe vera can actually be cut straight from the plant, cut open, and rubbed straight onto your skin. Bamboo is just awesome to have because it is a slow grower and looks amazing in most settings. Ferns help keep the air clean. 

The next thing most people shop for are the bathroom utilities such as the showers, toilets, and sinks. Vapor showers are becoming a huge hit with home owners. Purchasing a system for your own personal sauna can turn your bathroom into an instant spa. It would be crazy to not purchase one. 

A great idea along side of having brand new shower would be to purchase and install a brand new sink. If that is not what your looking to change then try checking out counter space options. We all enjoy having more space for our things and configuring a new space area is definitely one of the top remodeling concerns and wants.

Are you trying to make your small bathroom look bigger than it really is? Well, the good news is that there is remodeling options for small bathrooms and you don’t have to knock out a wall to get what you want. 

If your bathroom is just way to small, instead of adding counter space replace the idea with a pedestal sink. Maybe, instead of putting in a large tub, try building a walk in shower. Do not forget to add a steam system. Having the capability to take steamy showers happens to be very good for the body. Steam helps open the pores to release dirt and toxins. It can relax the muscles and most of all, take a steam shower can help release sinus build up.

Which ever direction you decide to go with your new remodel, do plenty of research on everything you are trying to do. Make sure that you know what you want before you make any major, and even minor, purchases. This will ensure that when you are finished with your project, you can stand back and say to yourself, “This is my private paradise.”