5 steps to move your furniture and household objects without damaging them

One of the main fears during a move is to find your precious furniture damaged on arrival. To avoid this, hiring a removals company is essential. We will see how to move your furniture without damaging them and reduce the chances that the worst will happen in 5 steps.

Move your furniture without damaging it: plan the transport

If you choose to move alone, it’s essential to have a vehicle large enough to hold all your furniture. You can calculate the volume needed for your move with this tool . You can also call a professional. Moving companies, like Quick & Easy Removalists Sydney, offer economical packages that include only transportation services. In the first case, additional insurance will be required to ensure the goods transported. In the second case, your furniture will be protected without supplement in case of an accident during transport.

Move your furniture without damaging it: get rid of unnecessary things

Sorting and throwing or giving away old furniture is an excellent way to optimize your time and reduce the risk of breakage. The less furniture you have, the better. If you absolutely want to take your old furniture, you can always store it in furniture storage just before your move. It will be less to move.

Move your furniture without damaging it: pack small items before transport

Your non-fragile items, such as books, can be packed directly into cartons. Your fragile items, such as dishes, should be protected before placing them in moving boxes. Ideally, each fragile object should be packaged separately. The more air there is between objects, the more shock and risk of breakage. For that, two solutions:

  • Newspaper: very effective and inexpensive, it can, however, leave black spots. So avoid if you do not want to dirty some items.
  • Bubble wrap: more expensive, it protects more effectively than newspaper and without staining your items.

Move your furniture without damaging it: mark the boxes

Mark your cards per piece, you will avoid lugging your open boxes through the rooms of your new home and thus limit the chances of breakage. For example, you can use a colour code to find them quickly.

Move your furniture without damaging it: pack the big furniture after transport

Furniture that does not fit in cartons should first be transported to the truck and then wrapped in a cover (an old sheet or tarpaulin). The opposite is to be avoided because it will be more difficult to transport the already packed furniture which might slip from your hands …