The Benefits of Metal Roofing

It wasn’t that long ago that most of roofing in the USA was done with tin. Nowadays, when you see an old house with a tin roof, it almost looks strange. After all, most of our homes are now equipped with roofs made of shingles. These shingles are usually made from asphalt and are mostly chosen for their low price and ease of repair.
When a shingled roof suffers damage, it is easy to remove a small section and replace it. This also means that the repair will often be cheaper because you don’t have to buy as much replacement material. While this ease of repair is a nice feature, I will endeavor to show you why I think metal roofing is far superior for most situations.
First, let’s talk about durability. Asphalt shingled roofs are easier to fix, but they are also much less durable and thus much more likely to need repair. By contrast, it is usually a little harder to repair a metal roof because you will have to replace an entire section. However, you will not need those repairs nearly as often. In my experience, changing a metal roof panel is not that much more difficult than changing out a set of asphalt shingles. The small amount of labor and money you save is just not worth it in the long run.
The lifespan of a metal roof is far, far longer than that of an asphalt-tiled roof. When properly installed, a roof of this kind should last if the house. I can testify to this, as I once rented a house that was over a hundred years old. This house was in awful shape. The floors were unstable, the walls were cracking, the plumbing was just a mess of blown out copper…but the steel roof was intact.
many people don’t know that a metal roof can help keep your home cool in the summertime. This is because the metal tends to reflect the sun’s rays and thus, some of its heat. Asphalt, by contrast, does not do this at all. A metal paneled rooftop can also have a much more minimal pitch without leaking. When shingle roofing is installed on a house with a gentle pitch (meaning less steep), it is very likely to leak.
Another great thing about metal roofing is the fact that it does not normally allow snow to accumulate on it. Because the surface is hard and slippery, the snow tends to slide right off before it can build up very high. The sunlight reflecting from the surface of the roof will also melt the snow quickly.
One thing to consider is price. Price is a fluid consideration, because every company will offer you slightly different prices and products. When it comes to metal roof manufacturers Kansas City KS has no shortage of options, but you should look for one that is ES1 certified, as the quality of the work will probably be higher. In addition, you should do your best to find a company that offers a warranty. In the end, you just must try and balance your decision between price and quality just like any other purchase.