The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the face of how we work, communicate, and execute home improvement services proposal plans to the customers. Even coughing in the workspace has ramifications because it is one of the early signs of having disease. In the home improvement services, we do work with dust so making sure dust is being controlled so our mason doesn’t cough excessively.

In 2020, specifically, many trends are surfacing and changing the way we do home improvement services works. One of the trends we are seeing while doing home improvement services work is that customers are focusing on how to use old spaces for new uses. Customers are seeking more ways to be more productive with the spaces they have and stay active. Customers ask us, how do make this space more functional, peaceful, soothing, and more importantly aesthetically pleasing.

It is more important now than ever to find ways to use those once-underutilized spaces and transform them by changing paint color, design, and make more friendlier space. Our home improvement service company has remodeled previously wasted space into an office or kids study room and hope this can create a new area where productivity can thrive.

One other new normal in the COVID pandemic is that families are staying together, younger adult colleges are home to their parents and taking classes online, and parents want to have their kids staying with them rather than living separately. Of course, doing remodel the house with our home improvement services and others make sense but our company being customer friendly, licensed, insured and EPA certified made it easier for customers to choose our home improvement services over others. The request we are being asked by the consumers about how we can convert purposefully open spaces, like cooking space or  even living space into offices or classrooms for home schooling and extra privacy for better focus.

Based on the conversation we are having with customers, the want to make spaces are multi functional and not only during COVID-19 time but post pandemic as well. Consumers’ goal on how to redefine large and open space can be utilized to live, work, and play.

Kitchen is no longer just the space where mom prepares breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the kitchen of the future needs to be a warm and functional gathering space, too. COVID-19 has necessitated a movement towards home-cooking that hasn’t been seen in decades, staying home even during holidays being advised by CDC or Dr. Fauci. Not too long-ago mom, dad, and kids might have gone their separate ways to enjoy meals out, families are now coming together, preparing together, and dining together – all at home.

Having a welcoming, multi-functional cooking room is necessary to turn these spaces into family gathering areas where families can fill up on good company and comfort in addition to good meals and this is the service we are providing through our home improvement services. Using the same flooring in the kitchen as the surrounding living areas can help to create a seamless transition from room to another that connects the spaces together, additionally having kitchen appliances and cabinets has helped to make more welcoming and soothing during this challenging time we are living in. One of the requests we often get from our customers during our initial phase of inspecting jobs for the home improvement service is to create a space that will support multiple needs of multiple family members.

This Pandemic has changed us on how we live, and these changes have made us adapt to our way of living with each other and making the best out of it. CTG Construction is playing a major role with our home improvement services just that. When we do overcome these diseases, which we will be soon or later, the trends we are seeing today will likely remain for years to come as things like remote work and learning virtually because this trend will continue even after the pandemic is over. As we usher in a new era in which homes need to be both luxurious, relaxing retreats and productive, functional workspaces, remodeling with our home improvement services within this new standard of living and it was a way to balance living at home.