Five Latest Developments In Water Damage Restoration

Many homes experience water damage each year making Water Damage Restoration companies in high demand. Whether the damage was from a plumbing issue, leaky roof, or a flood homeowners typically contact a restoration company within 24 hours of the event happening. Time is of the essence since further damage and health hazards can plague the affected home. With so many people contacting restoration companies here are the five latest developments in water damage restoration.

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New Technologies

As the water damage restoration business has grown so has the technology used in it. One of the reasons that water damage is so much more prevalent in homes within recent years is because newer, more energy efficient homes are more likely to experience mold. The reason that more energy efficient homes are more likely to experience mold is because they restrict air flow which allows the moist air to become trapped inside encouraging mold growth. Secondly, as a society we are much more aware of the presence and dangers of mold in our homes than we were in the past.

1. Industry Trends

Most restoration companies noticed a significant uptick in customers after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. This marks the time when more standards were enforced on the restoration industry and there was an improvement in the quality of billing, paperwork, and maintaining the required equipment. As more and more homeowners are affected by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and wildfires, there is a greater need for damage restoration companies. As a product of the better standards adopted in 2005 the industry as a whole now has a better, more efficient practice with proven results. Additionally, the standards have ensured that the working environment is more safe and the technicians are better equipped to protect their health.

2. Natural Disasters

In 2016 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported over $6 billion in property damage due to severe storms. Although this may seem like an unlikely or unpredictable amount it has remained consistent each year since 2008. Because the amount of storms and storm damage have remained consistent the industry is growing exponentially due to needs across many different areas.

3. Restoration Training

Another effect of the increase in damage restoration companies is an increase in the amount of training locations available to those who wish to become restoration professionals. This is great news for this industry because it means that there are more professionals who have been adequately trained and educated on damage restoration. Although there are many similar organizations the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) provides opportunities for many more people to learn about damage restoration work and maintain the knowledge and training in order to serve customers better.

4. Better Equipment

With more and more people needing damage restoration there was an increase in the market for more reliable and accurate equipment. There are many new options available to meet this need such as air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers. Additionally these tools work even better than before as technology advances have been made and they are more durable and affordable which encourages older companies to update their equipment. There are also many equipment companies that offer the option for customers to buy in bulk which further lowers the price for larger restoration companies.

5. Looking to the Future

Most professionals believe that the increase in natural disasters can be attributed to climate change which would suggest that the need for damage restoration will continue to grow. Whatever the cause of natural disasters there will undoubtedly always be a need for damage restoration professionals that are highly trained and equipped.