Building Our Little House On The Prairie

Little HouseWe are reading three Little House books to coincide with our American History research. We have completed Little House in the Big Woods and started Little House on the Prairie. To conclude our novel research we learn Farmer Boy.

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I was born in Benton Harbor within the forty’s at Mercy Hospital. I grew up in St. Joseph within the 50’s & 60’s. I knew the House of David well. Went to the zoo, rode trains and had a ball. My father was a Refrigeration man, and him and I labored on the fridges there for years! He used to ask the folks in charge when ole Ben was coming again. They would at all times say he was quickly. David Purnell was a pal of mine, and we went to school together. He lived in South off of Lincoln Ave.I lived in South St. Joe also. He had a little bit of a mood, and knocked down one of our associates once once we were walking somewhere because he did not like what he mentioned. I was SHOCKED once they picked him up for homicide of that poor girl, and couldn’t believe it! I bear in mind him saying that his Grandfather advised him to do it. All a bunch of BS! I suppose he went to Jackson Prison. Never knew what occurred to him till I read an article some time back. Years ago, the House of David was a Great Empire. My mother would take me each week to the Dairy in Benton Harbor for milk and Butter milk. It was quite a place back then!Some good memories, aside from David!

Young kids know among the rooms in the house. They know that they sleep in the mattress room, they eat within the eating room, and play in the playroom. But not every home has a playroom where the children can play. It is vital for the young kids to learn that houses are usually not simply houses. There are also variations. But what’s essential is that they are going to know about the commonest rooms in the house. Old Albion— Hello Graham! Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I am so glad that you just preferred it. I very a lot recognize your compliments. Welcome to the HubPages Community! Advertise on: They don’t advertise by way of property portals, so the word is spread by word of mouth and PR.

I had family members that moved there in 1906 and resided there till 1920. A couple went back there in the late 1950x, I suppose but were there for positive in the Eighties. I even have copies of some pictures. A great aunt performed trombone in the girls band! My grandaunt was on the Rising Sun when it sunk. She reported they lived on High Island. My mom was close with her cousins, Anna Lucretia (Lewis ) Martin’s sons. I grew up hearing about the House of David. Funny, I never heard anything in regards to the rumors surrounding the immorality of Ben and discover it very curious that Anna would return.